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The purpose of the establishment ENERGOTECH Prague Ltd. are activites in the branch of experimental stress analysis together with considerations of bearing capacity and usefull service life of engineering products or constructions as well as other neighbouring tasks in the region of elasticity and strength .

The establishment ENERGOTECH Prague Ltd. carries out following specialised services, where we are prepared to offer You our assistance:

  1. static or dynamic strain-gauge measurements at normal working temperature
  2. static or dynamic strain-gauge measurements at elevated working temperature (up to approximately 450 oC)
Other applied tasks:
The management of the establishment has a "Certificate", enabling us to perform measurements and checks on parts of nuclear power plants in accordance with 7 and 8 of the decree No. 76/89 of the Body of law in the reading of the decree No. 263/89 of the Body of law.

The establishment ENERGOTECH Prague Ltd.is ready to help You to solve Your particular problems.

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